Natural birth and breastfeeding? Well done – but I don’t care…

I’m going to put my cards on the table here. I gave birth to two daughters ‘naturally’ – in, by far, the most physically destructive and traumatic experiences of my life.
I nearly drowned to death when I was 16 so I feel qualified to complain…before anyone asks for my C.V.
Then I breastfed and hated it. That’s all – I fucking hated it. It made me start to hate my babies. There, that’s the awful truth laid out bare.
I often write about how hard I find maternity. I know I’m not the only mother who feels like this – because I get countless messages about it.
But then some people make it even worse. They criticise other women’s choices. It’s not fair and it’s none of their business.
With the exception of a minuscule amount of people, parents are all trying to do the best things for their children. Their happiness is actually intrinsic to the contentment of their children. Make no mistake – I know this on a very personal level.
Natural birth and breastfeeding? Well done – but, honestly, I don’t care. Motherhood isn’t a competition. Not one I would win, anyway.
I just want other mothers – and their families – to be happy and healthy.


As an aside, Helen Carmina’s picture of a c-section scarred mother and her beautiful baby (used above) has now been seen by an estimated 15 million people worldwide.
Due to a single complaint, Facebook has removed it. She has re-posted it and I’m sharing it here and on the Sophie’s Voice Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr pages.
If you have an issue with this image, I would be grateful if you would contact me directly.
Sophie’s Voice is a welcoming, safe environment where positivity is encouraged – on every level. I like an exchange of opinions and welcome your input.
Please – if you object to this type of censorship of images of women’s bodies by Facebook and other social media – feel free to share at will.

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