If in doubt, say nothing…

Let me be perfectly clear about something – Sophie’s Voice is a positive environment and body shaming is definitely not part of the experience.

I’m not prissy or po-faced. I will quite happily laugh at celebrity style, political gaffes and other similarly ridiculous things.

I write about  (what I consider to be) important issues and mix in the mundane and the lightweight all at the same time.

Sometimes the recipe is a bit messy but I always try not to add anything that tastes bitter or sour. A little bit salty, yes. A little bit spicy, certainly. A little bit sweet, definitely.

I try to keep the mantra ‘Love Yourself’ in mind whatever I write. After that, ‘don’t be a dick’. I can be catty – even a little bit bitchy. I will never be a bully. Ever.

These are standards of behaviour that I expect from my friends – and I like to think of my readers as my friends.

Amber Vidrio was recently photographed by a complete stranger as she was spending time with her family. For no better reason than her body amused the snapper.

Photographs of her and her baby were then posted by the snapper. Not only were the photographs posted but also a slew of unpleasant remarks.

These have proliferated. If you search the Internet, they are sadly ubiquitous. I am seething on her behalf. What makes me most angry is the fact that people joined in. They happily – and quite openly – mocked someone for no reason other than their own sport. Like vile gossip vultures.

She’s a beautiful woman who is smart and bright. How anyone can feel justified in behaving like this is beyond me.

I am sick of this kind of rude attitude towards anybody who is anything other than the exact template for our ‘ideal’ of beauty.

It’s not beautiful if it does this to people.

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