All the crazy is worth it for a few seconds of magic…

This time four years ago, I had 2 hours to go until I gave birth to the pre-schooler. Labour lasted a blistering 49 minutes with the human bullet weighing in at just 5lbs and 13oz.
Mr Sophie’s Voice and I thought we’d never have children. We were wrong. I’m very glad to say.
I am – like many of the women in my family, seemingly – not really ‘the maternal type’. I certainly find it difficult. I don’t think that I’m a natural, by any means.
Motherhood is frustrating, thankless, boring and dirty. It’s also unbelievably rewarding, joyful, fulfilling and enlightening.
Like me, maternity is a swirling mass of contradictions. We don’t get on that well but we’re still in love.
I find it tremendously hard to be a mother because I can’t do it perfectly. I’m also very similar to both my daughters – which means that our home is full of cheeky, chatty females. We have a saving grace – we can be quite charming. When we want to be.
My husband is a proverbial saint but, as he says, “all the crazy is worth it for a few seconds of magic”.
That’s exactly how I feel about motherhood.


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