40 Questions…

A lovely reader recently sent me this ‘quiz’ and – because traffic has gone a bit crazy lately – I thought I’d go along with it by way of introduction to my newer readers.
Here goes – this is me, Sophie…
1.) Age?
40 – just.
2.) Single?
No, I’m married to Mr Sophie’s Voice.
3.) Crushing?
Most of the time – it’s Molly Ringwald at the moment. I do have a soft spot for Gary Cole, actually. It’s quite possible that I have a crippling Elektra complex – see Q. 32.
4.) Sexuality?
Open minded. It helps to be in life, I find.
5.) Favorite colour?
Midnight blue. I’m considering a midnight blue sequinned shell top now.
6.) Favorite music?
It totally depends on the day.
7.) Favorite band/artist?
8.) Talents?
I’m really good at riding horses and I have (and I quote) ‘an amazing ability to see patterns forming’. Neither of which are any use whatsoever.
9.) In love? Yes
If so, who?
Mr Sophie’s Voice, of course.
10.) Hobbies?
Wine and magazines. And shopping. And friends.
11.) Gamer?
Yes – but I don’t play well with others and I want us to stay friends.
12.) Favorite movie?
13.) Long/short hair?
Bob at the moment but it grows fast so I tend to go from short to long then have a massive chop. Only bangs are consistent.
14.) Height?
15.) Weight?
Are you fucking kidding me?
16.) Eye color?
Green and orange – I’m not joking
17.) Hair color?
At the moment, medium brown. Naturally, mouse. In the past, any colour you can think of.
18.) Shirt color?
I only have one and it’s black. I have a shit load of blouses and tops, obviously.
19.) Jeans or shorts?
Jeans. Shorts get worn with knee high socks verrry occasionally.
20.) Get married?
I already am – but it’s not a necessity for a strong relationship, in my opinion.
21.) Have kids?
Two daughters.
22.) Get divorced?
Not yet.
23.) Ever or still do wet the bed?
Not since childhood.
24.) Had or have depression?
25.) Self harmed?
26.) Thought of suicide?
27.) Someone you love?
My family – I can’t distinguish.
28.) Someone you hate?
God…I don’t think pinning me down would be a profitable endeavour for anyone.
29.) Dream job?
Editor of British Vogue.
30.) Got tattoos?
31.) Got piercings?
Only my ears. There’s a reason for the lack of tatts and piercings.
32.) Worst day of your life?
The day my father died.
33.) Best day of your life?
The 24 hours after my first daughter was born. If I told you the story you would cry…
34.) Biggest fear?
Dark water
35.) Biggest insecurity?
The constant fear that I’m a terrible mother.
36.) Most painful memory?
The moment when a nurse told me that my mother couldn’t beat cancer.
37.) Something you regret?
I have fucked up on numerous occasions but living with the consequences of my stupidity has taught me not to feel entitled, how to take responsibility for my own actions and to consider the impact of the things I do upon the environment both I and my fellow humans inhabit.
38.) Hardest thing you had to do?
Give birth. Twice.
39.) Worst decision of your life?
Decisions, decisions – I honestly can’t come to one.
40.) Favorite candy?
Dark chocolate Bounty. Or dark chocolate covered marzipan. Or dark chocolate covered turkish delight. There’s a pattern forming somewhere…
Lastly, I’ve included a very recent picture so that you can all see what I actually look like. I’m a beguiling combination of private and frank.
I reply to comments but I won’t acknowledge trolls. I like girly but I’m not pretty enough to work it so I aim for stylish. I live for clothes but I wear a self-imposed uniform most of the time. I’m serious but I’m frivolous – I love gossip but I’m intensely loyal to my friends.
You might find Sophie’s Voice slightly unpredictable but you’re all my landmark. I stick by you because writing here is my safe place.
Thank you for reading.
Catch daily Sophie’s Voice updates at https://www.facebook.com/sophiesvoiceblog


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