Just click your heels together three times…

After recent posts, I’m inspired by Dorothy Gale. Basically, wherever you go (however glamorous and fabulous), ‘there’s no place like home’.

Ironically, having described Italy in a less than flattering light, I live in Liverpool – a city which ups the glamour ante and means that I am (normally) absolutely unshockable when it comes to fashion. After bitching about the amount different nations spend on fashion, Liverpudlians lead the way in terms of economic investment on clothes. The average Scouse man spends twice as much on fashion annually than the average Italian (note, not an Italian man but the average taken from men and women) person – little dandies!

Retailers watch what is bought in Liverpool and often stock the newest products in the city’s stores to gauge how they’ll sell in the rest of Britain – and abroad. Women here love fashion, love make-up and love accessories. However, they are not indiscriminating – remember, retailers watch what they buy and wear. They won’t buy any old tat and they won’t buy anything unflattering (please don’t mention Alex Curran’s ruffle obsession – there are always exceptions) or ridiculous. On the other hand, they love innovation, watch what other women wear (and compliment them on it) and love a bargain. If you tell someone that that top they’ve admired cost a tenner, they’ll congratulate you on your shopping success.   

It is this fashion philosophy that I love. It’s style combined with a little bit of sisterhood (competition is not the motivation – a desire to experiment, look fabulous and make the most of what you’ve got is) and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. A lot of places seem to be a little pompous about style – and labels – but here it’s about the joy pretty things bring and having enjoying the process.

So…WAIWers, learn the lesson – fashion should be fun. As should life, I think. We don’t want to weigh ourselves down with over analytical discourse or end up with rules that come from others who don’t share our body shapes or lifestyles.

Liverpool – if my theory is correct – likes to be self-confident. If feeling good about the outward face you present to the world boosts self-esteem, then go for it ladies. And gentlemen, of course!


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