Apologies everybody

Well dear readers, today I have an ear infection and something wrong with my jaw – in all seriousness. I would go into details but it’s rather icky and involves some dripping. From my ears. Gross and beyond, I’m afraid.

This means that my planned posting will have to be delayed until tomorrow. On a positive note, hopefully it’ll be super brilliant – instead of just brilliant. Or not….let’s wait and see. I can say that – after a conversation with my cousin – I’ll be in a position to describe the working clothes of my niece, Ava.

She will be wearing a family heirloom at her Christening and has been fashion showing it this morning so that she gets a handle on how to ‘work it’ properly. Go Ava – it’s her first public outing and we know her big day will be a stylish occasion! I’ll document it and report back – never fear.

In closing, I’d like to say I hope you lot are feeling better than I am. I’m also crossing my fingers that this clears itself up so I can turn into work tomorrow morning without worrying about gunk.

Nothing accessorises that well!

A demain, Sophie


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